Understanding Army Knowledge Online

AKO-Email.com strives to provide users valuable information about the Army’s e-mail client called Army Knowledge Online. AKO-Email.com and has no relation with the military.

What is Army Knowledge Online?

AKO was originally designed in the 1990’s as an experimental project called A2OL (America’s Army Online) but because of legal concerns it was decided to change the name to Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

Army Knowledge Online was later became popular and during the Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 to help troops connect through a secure 21st century platform. It was created in the hopes to rework the military communication, and upgrade it to survive in an information age by networking organizations together while allowing military users to communicate with each other through applications such as email. As of 2010 all troops and members of the military must register for an AKO account. Login to the website requires a Common Access Card (CAC), password, and PIN that is supplied by military superiors.

What does AKO Provide?

AKO Provides authorized users a portal to access e-mail, blogs, chat, file storage, medical information, and free anti virus software for members of the military.

So what exactly is AKO WEBMAIL Then?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Army Knowledge Online Email is the military’s online version of services like gmail, yahoo mail, or hotmail and provides very similar features. Users can access the email client here https://www.us.army.mil/