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During 2011, Army email users can transition to an Enterprise Email service managed by the Defense info Systems Agency. instead of accessing email through local email servers at every installation, users can reach through the network to access email services from DoD information centers.

The goal is to migrate all Army users to Enterprise Email by thirty one Dec 2011.

Please NOTE: This information is provided as a courtesy for AKO users. Enterprise Email is not managed or supported by AKO and the AKO help Desk cannot give assistance or support for this service.

When you are migrated to Enterprise Email, your AKO/DKO address will not change, however your new domain inside the U.S Army international Address List and SMTP address through Outlook can change.

When you are migrated to Enterprise Email, you may have access to both your mail.mil account and your us.army.mil account, unless mail forwarding is enabled within AKO on your AKO account.

CAC login is needed so as to access Enterprise Email. Enterprise Email provides you with several benefits:

  • Mailboxes include 500MB of Outlook internet Access for guest accounts, and 4 Gigabytes of storage for users with Army related work responsibilities. Mailbox size can be increased.
  • Archiving will initially lessen the need for you to update your mailbox storage limit, and will permit you to work from an archive while offline.
  • Remote Procedure call (RPC) over HTTPS brings a soldier the ability to receive, send, and check your mail securely at any location while not using a VPN tunnel. this suggests you’ll not expertise downtime while transferring locations or TDY.
  • Centralized and round the clock service for exchange issues.
  • One centralized way of obtaining an exchange account no matter where you are stationed.